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Behan Browning Group is a full service advertising agency in Tucson, Arizona. For the past 11 years, it has been working with a select number of clients to ensure personal involvement with each client’s advertising strategies. It’s work includes advertising campaign creation, branding, promotional strategies, media buying, web marketing and media management.







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Laury Browning is the President of Behan Browning Group which specializes in strategic marketing. Browning brings three decades of broadcast and communication marketing expertise to every client engagement. Prior to launching Behan Browning Group in 2002, Browning had a very successful tenure in broadcast management and ownership, managing two-multi-million dollar radio groups in Tucson and one television group in Arizona.

Jeff Behan is a twenty-five year veteran of marketing and communications. His creative work includes marketing strategy, production, sales training, branding and national ad campaigns. Over his career, he has played an integral role in the development of strategy and implementation of marketing campaigns for a diverse area of clients including; Major Public Utility Companies, Intel Corporation, Tele-Communications, Inc., Delta Air Lines, Invisalign, Jones Intercable and Business Radio Network.

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